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Have a wonderful birthday!

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Over a decade ago, … and… started a debate centering on this question: whether…

Hơn một thập kỉ trước, ... và ... tiếp tục chính thức bàn bạc về vấn đề: liệu...

As an empirical phenomenon, ... has been observed repeatedly.

Hiện tượng... là một hiện tượng lạ đặc biệt được quan hoài nhập thực nghiệm.

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It had ten 10 wheels which gives an idea of its importance.

There are a few differences between the game and the manga.

The first image below gives a wide view of the area.

He first met art when he was three at a horse show.

The fact of their association should have a reliable source cited.

A bit of opportunity, a bit of time to tướng freshen up as well.

That said, it's a bit hard to tướng say whether people feel friskier in the summer months.

In a bit stream, framing bits indicate the beginning or kết thúc of a frame.

However, before you grab those thể hình shoes, there's a bit of fine print.

But it should not hand back only a bit of power.

There are a lot of parts that are similar, things that you draw from reality, he noted.

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There was a lot of things going on at that time that it was the natural thing to tướng bởi.

The stage was one thing that attracted bu a lot.

We toured a lot and need some time home!

I think she covered a lot in the special.

Statements and arguments depending on empirical evidence are often referred to tướng as a posteriori (from the later) as distinguished from "a priori" (from the earlier).

The natural and social sciences are usually considered "a posteriori", literally after the fact, disciplines.

With the classical covariant derivatives, covariance is an "a posteriori" feature of the derivative.

Under most formulations of such problems in computer vision, the minimum energy solution corresponds to tướng the maximum a posteriori estimate of a solution.

Because human principles are "a posteriori", they have infinite possibilities of distinctions and greater flexibility in premonitions.

Although education is knowledge about the truth or more appropriately a priori truth, it is more about shaping the character and conduct of an individual.

It's based on an a priori belief that these girls and guys are misbehaving, that it's a lifestyle choice.

A priori, the law appears aimed only at individuals.

Nothing gives government the right to tướng decide, a priori, who "should" be guilty.

We deliberately put in groups people who a priori would not work together.


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  • adenine
  • amp
  • ampere
  • angstrom
  • angstrom unit
  • antiophthalmic factor
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  • deoxyadenosine monophosphate
  • group A
  • type A
  • vitamin A

a lot


  • a good deal
  • a great deal
  • lots