abbreviations là gì

Many of the abbreviations here may be similar or identical lớn those in the other lists of acronyms.

Its name comes from an abbreviation of his first and surname.

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It may, however, be an abbreviation, either for "vicerosissimus" (most beloved) "dux" or "vicarius et dux" (vicar and duke).

Habit and convenience are today the principal motives for using abbreviations.

The abbreviations, the calls-and-responses, the decades of experience.

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Language has also changed as we now shorten words and abbreviate lớn save time, space and lớn send our messages within seconds.

This formulation is often called the deterministic equivalent linear program, or abbreviated lớn deterministic equivalent.

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In fact, there is no limit for which words may be abbreviated this way.

For example, a purity of 99.97% can be abbreviated as purity 3.7 and a purity of 99.9999% is the same as purity 6.0.

It may be abbreviated lớn h or hh.