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The attempts by nationalist activists to tướng use soccer as an organizational and symbolic platform again prove the political potential of soccer.

The researchers themselves were not activists in this cause.

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Incumbents enjoy resources that make them more independent of activists, and this enables them to tướng take more moderate positions.

Since these statutes were enacted, scholars and activists have argued over their political effects.

Within this context, legal proceedings in military courts and arrests of labor leaders, workers, and other pro-democracy activists persisted unabated.

Both scholars and social movement activists are aware of this complex blend of advantages and risks.

Its activists secured curfew passes and ran ambulance services within the thành phố, taking riot victims to tướng various thành phố hospitals.

This forms the basis for the closed-economy argument that monetary policy strategy should be more activist.

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To disentangle the incentives for activist policy we again derive optimal monetary policy strategies under passive and active learning.

Business groups, who might normally side with conservative political forces, saw their interests align with civil society activists and the protestors.

Academics, politicians, activists take note (and make this valuable work a part of your library as soon as you can).

While candidates use the resources to tướng attract extra votes, candidates must, in some models, respond to tướng the issue preferences of the activists who fund them.

However, it is a long way from the peace activist and constitutes an aspect of a long-term programme.

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Its activists ' ' know ' ' who to tướng mobilise to tướng address increasingly daunting problems.

This would reduce the cohesion of the movement's activist core, with its heterogeneous patchwork of environmental, consumer and farmer associations.

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