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A 5% error in altitude at đôi mươi,000 feet would be 1,000 feet, sánh the aircraft might be anywhere from 19 to lớn 21,000 feet.

Both the aircraft and fire truck were destroyed.

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The aircraft broke up on impact, with both sections catching fire.

She had no successes, and was attacked by aircraft three times.

An employee count of 18,014 for a fleet of 40 aircraft is clearly an area that needs to lớn be reviewed.

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With the advent of powered flight at the start of the 20th century, artillery also included ground-based anti-aircraft batteries.

The 75s also became widely used as truck mounted anti-aircraft artillery.

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Between 15:35 and 17:45 planes again patrolled the same region and reported a significant amount of anti-aircraft fire, but inaccurate.

The high-angle mounting may have been an experimental dual anti-aircraft and field carriage.

Throughout the war, both ships saw their anti-aircraft battery changed constantly.