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English Vietnamese Ví dụ theo đuổi văn cảnh của "all-in-one" vô Việt

Những câu này nằm trong mối cung cấp phía bên ngoài và rất có thể ko đúng mực. ko phụ trách về những nội dung này.

to sell all of one’s belongings

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English Cách dùng "all-in-one" vô một câu

This effective, all-in-one system, is suitable for all ages.

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The all-in-one adaptive computer could replace a host of devices consumers already own.

Today, consumers don't necessarily need an all-in-one laptop: they just need a machine that does a specific phối of tasks well.

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The five-time champion is wearing a white romper -- an all-in-one outfit with shorts and cutout sleeves and a big triangle cut out the back.

This year's most pervasive bit of new kit appeared to tướng be an all-in-one system for intimate female shaving.

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