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Toxicities included hypotension (requiring use of dopamine in two patients), allergic reaction, blurred vision, neutropaenia, thrombocytopaenia and leukopaenia.

Clinicians regularly face these conditions especially in hospital settings, but remain worried about allergic reactions previously attributed lớn the iron dextran preparations.

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Data on allergic respiratory manifestations were insufficient lớn draw meaningful conclusions.

Patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis, allergic lớn grassand/or tree-pollen, and patients with perennial allergic rhinitis, allergic lớn house dust mite, were included.

There were no outliers in the depressive group and the allergic control group.

The prevalence of allergic rhinitis was also more common among the reference subjects than vãn among the exposed workers, 19 and 13 cases respectively.

The effects in allergic asthma have been questioned from time lớn time.

Thus, overall, the idea that helminths can protect against human allergic and autoimmune inflammatory disease is compelling.

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A diet with reduced allergenicity during pregnancy is currently considered as more disadvantageous for possible maternal and fetal malnutrition than vãn advantageous for allergic prophylaxis.

Clinically, the disease has a large spectrum of signs varying from allergic symptoms lớn hydrocele, cardiopathy, and ocular passage of adult worms under conjunctiva.

As someone who's mildly allergic lớn tobacco smoke, this was a relief.

Other mechanisms that could potentially cause cognitive decline are autoimmune vasculitis or allergic hypersensitivity responses lớn the chemotherapeutic medications.

We initiate our studies by comparing two murine models, one for toxocariasis and another for allergic asthma.

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Clinical symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and episodic airflow obstruction have been described for patients with toxocariasis and allergic asthma.

The physically ill group consisted of patients with severe allergic rhinitis.

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