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About 60 other parties also joined the electoral contest, both within and outside the major contending alliances.

But elsewhere in his paper he argues that landscape mediates nature and culture, it is a 'synthesis or alliance'.

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Landscape is nature and culture at the same time, it is their mediation, synthesis or alliance.

The suggestion put forward is that a dowry system was perhaps an essential part of such alliances.

Series of alliances and identifications are formed among these groups, which cross-cut, complement, and trouble one another.

Political relationships were fluid, and alliances were formed and broken easily as one issue followed upon another.

At what point did these exchanges also become mutual alliance, not just distaff filiation?

The alliance of rural notables and urban bourgeois once again let their fears of socialist revolution lead to tướng more domestic state violence in 1871.

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This article argues that the ' ghost ' first manifested itself almost immediately after the alliance's death.

Parties often appeared to tướng be factional alliances, and the recruitment of members was only vaguely based on common interests and ideological affinities.

Marxism and nationalism were closely intertwined both by their contingent, ambivalent alliances and by their contingent conceptual affinities in many areas.

That alliance has been destabilized by developments in health care politics, by changes in industrial structures and by alterations in democratic politics.

These data no not suggest the exchange of vessels for the purpose of constructing and maintaining alliances.

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Consolidation of the tự động industry, for example, is driving cross-national mergers and alliances among steel producers.

What resulted was a tripartite alliance among the military elite, the state technocrats, and big business.

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