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All three use anecdote and narrative to lớn impart to lớn the reader a sense of the lived experience of the poor, ordinary and those deemed anti-social.

I have therefore sought to lớn identify patterns within a heterogeneous toàn thân of sources on scholars' lives - normative blueprints, anecdotes, correspondence, and autobiographies.

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This starts out promisingly but unfortunately swiftly descends once again into anecdote and assertion.

His anecdotes lighten the tone of what might be considered more turgid information on rail and road construction, flight paths, plane types and federal regulation.

The frame-work of the book is the series of class-room lessons introducing fresh grammatical phenomena, followed, where possible, by a rhyme and an anecdote.

There are countless anecdotes of inventive optimists who succeeded where others failed by imagining waiting customers.

An anecdote about a patient with strong left hemineglect suggests the involvement of consciousness in this phenomenon.

Exercises include discussion, role-play, simulation, report writing, negotiating budgets and contracts, consumer surveys, small talk, social arrangements, telling anecdotes, exchanging opinions, and socializing.

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Or, alternatively, they relate anecdotes about insensitive or inappropriate physician behavior, apparently under the impression that "medical ethics" is designed to lớn prevent such behavior.

Leafing through its pages, one comes across reports, anecdotes and minor controversies as well as sustained discussions in areas lượt thích ethics and aesthetics.

Although they are presented in a jumbled manner the book contains many important insights, telling anecdotes and acute personal observations.

From the anecdotes of the informants, we infer that anglophones were also a non-negligible presence on the fishing boats.

It is very rich in ethnographic detail and includes many amusing anecdotes from the field.

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I take these anecdotes for performatives, fashioned in order to lớn level the playing field that comprises both performers and recorder.

Each chapter opens with a vignette, but the author shores up these anecdotes with extensive analysis of pawnshop records, regulatory debates, and census records.

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