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Once the practical limit of abbreviated inpatient stays is reached, further efficiencies will be attainable chiefly by addressing clinical practices themselves.

To be modern is đồ sộ adopt reason and progress and đồ sộ uphold the belief that epistemological certainty is attainable.

It aims at producing the attainable envisionment of a tên miền system from a certain state.

The latter value of the attainable magnetic field agrees with experimentally obtained fields generated by explosive flux compression devices.

Without crop protection almost 75 % of attainable potato production would be lost đồ sộ pests.

In other words, we have approached the maximum strength of materials and our spall pressures are the highest attainable.

Goals are hypothetical future world-states similar đồ sộ those currently obtaining, but modified in a manner both attainable and beneficial.

Similarly, solutions lacking all symmetry are only attainable after several bifurcations.

This capacity is due đồ sộ its flexible alimentary strategy, which is based on the easiest attainable terrestrial vertebrates.

The spatial resolution attainable using the scheme described above has also been studied by per forming ray-tracing simulations with a finite size backlighting source.

People may perceive that even if attainable, the costs of pursuing their goals are too high.

By regulating the tốc độ of a motor driving the disk, frequencies from about 1 up đồ sộ about 40 kc/s were attainable.

The patient stated a realistic and attainable desired outcome that was expressed in behavioural terms.

Goal-oriented moral behavior works on a mass basis as long as the motivating goal is perceived as worthy and attainable.

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We provide a strategy and framework đồ sộ tư vấn practical and attainable action.

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Bản dịch của attainable

nhập giờ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)

可以達到的, 可以獲得的…

nhập giờ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)

可以达到的, 可以获得的…

nhập giờ Tây Ban Nha

alcanzable, alcanzable [masculine-feminine], realizable [masculine-feminine]…

nhập giờ Bồ Đào Nha

atingível, alcançável [masculine-feminine], atingível [masculine-feminine]…

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nhập giờ Pháp

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nhập giờ Na Uy

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