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This implies that initially an autocrat's coalition is relatively unstable, since members fear exclusion.

These authoritarian juntas replaced the nationalists (themselves by then single-party autocrats) who had led independence movements.

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This is because, to tướng a greater degree than thở the autocrat, it is taxing itself.

In different types of authoritarian regimes, there is however a distinction between ' developmental-oriented' political elites or 'benevolent autocrats', and on the other hand ' kleptocrats'.

His attitudes were autocratic, but he lacked the powers of an autocrat.

These two conditions increase the strength of the loyalty norm that keeps autocrats in office for long periods.

Hart is generally criticized as an autocrat who was unable to tướng share the limelight with anyone.

As a result, autocrats must consider how the policies they choose will be received by those groups in society that can pose a credible threat of unrest.

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He now intends to tướng rule as an autocrat for three years.

They have always supported any reactionary general any militarist, any autocrat or reformed brigand, or unreformed, as the ease may be.

He has become in a sense a great dictator and a great autocrat.

It is a plan to tướng impose conformity, sánh dear to tướng the heart of the autocrat.

He is, of course, an autocrat in this matter.

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The trouble is that too often the professionals have become autocrats rather than thở advisers.

The present sultan does not believe in democracy, and is an autocrat at best.

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