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Section 1 reviews the relevant literature on retirement plans and saving, education and saving, and behavioral economics.

Rigorous comparisons among the various studies are difficult, given the diversity of areas, stimuli, behavioral task and recording paradigms involved.

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Philosophical arguments address one of the most fundamental yet elusive questions facing behavioral scientists, namely, what constitutes a disorder?

Behavioral studies with phonetic segments have shown analogous results.

Thus, it cannot classify any uniquely human trait (morphological, psychological, or behavioral) as an adaptation.

All good protagonists require a formidable foe, and the foe of modern portfolio theory is behavioral finance.

This removes the need for having separate queues for events and input conditions during behavioral model implementation.

Thus, the maladaptive patterns of behavioral and emotional self-regulation, and reactivity to tướng the demands of the surrounding environment, become more entrenched.

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We maintain this distinction here also, focusing on behavioral and verbal expressions of three kinds of caring themes: prosocial concern, reparation for wrongdoing, and affiliation.

In principle, two tasks can show identical behavioral effects of different manipulations and yet be very different in underlying mechanisms.

Ultimately, it makes no difference whether the primary determining factors are considered to tướng be social, biological, or behavioral.

Unlike other emotions, anger may be especially helpful in providing information about the behavioral intentions of others.

Other adult disorders represent the eventual manifestation of a behavioral difficulty visible since early childhood.

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Hence, it is hard to tướng imagine that these two fiber types are working in synchrony on the same behavioral and thought processes.

In a behavioral context, it is somewhat unclear when one or the other of these modes become the dominant firing pattern.

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