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Most of the initial consonants that preceded the vowel were either bilabial or dental-alveolar and were either stops or fricatives.

In this case, it is the bilabial nasal from the initial of the plural character men3.

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Both cases involve a preceding alveolar nasal and a following bilabial plosive.

If a word contains an /m/, will there be another bilabial consonant following in the word?

For example, the primary gesture for m is the closure of the lips, hence the place of articulation is bilabial.

I reached back into my undergraduate memory and remembered the phonetic symbol for the bilabial fricative and gave it my own personal phonemic status - /ph/.

These include bilabial, palatal, and velar fricatives as well as labio-dental glides and glottal stops.

The cues of the velar stop are, however, preserved in the formant transitions into the following bilabial nasal.

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I coded for place of articulation of preceding segment with bilabial, dental 0 labiodental, alveolar, palatal, and velar.

In this case, the aperture may vary by degrees of roundness, width, height and protrusion, that may be quite removed from habitual bilabial movement.

The existence of labiodental fricatives =f= and =v= can be seen as a perceptual obstacle for lenition of both bilabial and dental stops.

Gesture economy, on the other hand, predicts no interaction in such cases, since bilabial and labiodental sounds involve different gestures.

The identification of the bilabial approximant with /v/, and the merger of /v/ with /b/ would have led lớn /aub@/.

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One way of comparing the two approaches, then, is lớn examine possible interactions between bilabial and labiodental sounds, and between fricatives at different places of articulation.

Fudge (1969) also reported tendencies in one infant lớn produce bilabial consonants with back rounded vowels.

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