blur là gì

Over time, some of the distinctions between a town and a đô thị have become blurred.

The wild blurs of compounded biographies come off lượt thích a fever dream of a memory play.

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Thanks vĩ đại his enhanced vision and reflexes, he can accurately perceive objects in motion that a normal person would see only as a blur.

The degree of spreading (blurring) of the point object is a measure for the quality of an imaging system.

The last step is vĩ đại compensate for the lack of motion blur in the 60i footage.

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In an induction generator, these distinctions are blurred, since the generated power is drawn from the stator, which would normally be considered the field.

Occasional blurred vision and /or speech difficulties typically clear during the first month, except in severely affected patients.

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The lines become very blurred here, as many of the tools overlap in functionality.

A blurred longitudinal reddish line runs along the midline where the two halves of the mantle meet in life.

Cameras that were used in filming the cold spots showed blurred spots.