bottom line là gì

Because in business you have vĩ đại meet the bottom line, period, or you are going vĩ đại be put out of business by someone who does.

The bottom line for coldregions practitioners: should you buy the book for your office?

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But no doubt he appreciated that the former was only the bottom line.

The bottom line is that the objection based on the total belief constraint just won't go away.

The bottom line is that the cost of detecting the special case should not outweigh the benefit of applying the specialised domain name algorithm.

The bottom line here is that the maintenance of a gender-differentiated employment market contributes vĩ đại reifying gender as a mix of polarized oppositions.

For each point, the bottom line indicates when it is visible, the top line indicates when it is selected for feature extraction.

The bottom line is that there has been no change, and discussion vĩ đại the contrary is blocked.

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For hospitals and other organizations that must meet a bottom line, this may be the entire story.

The bottom line is this: if eval/apply is no more expensive than vãn push/enter, it is definitely vĩ đại be preferred.

The bottom line indicates whether the polymorphism is intronic (i), replacement (r) or synonymous (s).

The bottom line, gameplan, the generation gap and the name of the game are cases in point.

Loose programs or integrated toolbox, the bottom line is how can we use these tools vĩ đại conduct our archaeological research.

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Consequently, their behavior also became more entrepreneurial, as concerns about economic survival and the "bottom line" began vĩ đại dominate the entire private healthcare system.

So there was no bottom line, just endless negotiation and accommodation.

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