boulevard là gì

The large broad boulevard crossing the bridge and joining two important squares has that potential.

It is a perfect stage phối for the outbreak of a revolution, its illuminated enlightenment boulevards poised over rat infested basements.

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The plan did not determine the design forms of facades, squares or boulevards.

Here, alongside the elixir of ozone and holiday remembrances, there exists an enticing picture of crime-free boulevards and peer-group sociability.

It was within these new spaces that european-style boulevards, parks, and modern architecture were then constructed.

Ideally, ample space would also be available along the boulevards to tát accommodate tens of thousands of spectators.

Along the boulevards and avenues they are lượt thích an open-air salesroom, a popular gallery of rich tonality, with imperious and suggestive callings.

Moreover, his tài khoản of cultural evolution (the emergence of fashionable quarters, shopping galleries, boulevard promenading, and restaurants) captures the vibrancy of the period.

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They have these esplanades and boulevards for their summer visitors.

Of course there was—one heard it on the boulevards.

That road south has become a boulevard of broken dreams.

There was also a photograph of exactly the same place today, with a beautiful boulevard and modern buildings.

After that, in their best clothes, they go to tát a café, or for a walk together in the park or along a boulevard.

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The trees of the boulevards were burned by flame throwers.

It would appear that kerb crawling is a major activity in side streets off the main boulevard.

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