burrow là gì

Two burrows were randomly selected for the addition of water to tướng the sand.

All burrows were checked for puparia at two-weekly intervals.

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The present study shows that burrows also serve as larval deposition sites, but only for a few months each year.

Here the soil was Đen and crumbly, ví damp that worms burrowed it all year round.

Following entry into the liver, the fluke burrows through the liver parenchyma before reaching its final site in the bile duct.

Small islands were completely censused for armadillo burrows.

Crab burrows within grassland sites were exposed to tướng direct effects of sunlight.

However, the eventual aim is to tướng build a self-contained robot system that burrows through the ground to tướng locate chemical sources.

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Fencing material was buried at least 15 centimet into the soil to tướng deter crabs burrowing beneath.

I define this transition region by the perpendicular gradient of crab burrows that ranges from 0 to tướng 1 m-2.

Active burrows, defined by freshly excavated soil surrounding open entrances, were also counted.

They are bare sand or rocky areas that provide little shelter from the strong sun other than thở burrowing underground.

Collection involved scooping out loose soil from the burrows and sieving it as described above.

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The number of crab burrows per quadrat was variable with densities ranging from 6 to tướng 32 burrows per 25 mét vuông.

Unretrieved seeds were considered lost, as we could not assess if they were hidden or consumed further away than thở 5 m or taken to tướng burrows.

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