but nghĩa là gì

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., but none have been tested.

expand_more Một số vấn đề và đã được... thể hiện, nhưng trước đó chưa từng được kiểm triệu chứng.

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I can see his point, but disagree with it entirely.

Ý loài kiến này sẽ không nên là không tồn tại hạ tầng, nhưng tôi trọn vẹn khước từ với nó.

But I am looking vĩ đại improve in this / these area/s.

Nhưng tôi luôn luôn nỗ lực không ngừng nghỉ nhằm xử lý những mặt mày giới hạn này.

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That lifted the hosts vĩ đại 165 for 7, but that was not enough vĩ đại defend.

He s telekinetic, but he does nt really know how vĩ đại use it.

No, but some people have said that vĩ đại bu.

They won the state championship in 2004 but lost it in 2003 and 2005.

Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners and runners are being mentioned.

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As it comes vĩ đại a stop the doors open vĩ đại reveal nothing but water.

There had also already been a number of promising sự kiện excesses that had evaporated and proven vĩ đại be nothing but random fluctuations.

I can see in their teachings nothing but humbug, untainted by any trace of truth.

Many of the amazing definite integrals listed in tables or produced by computer algebra systems are nothing but special cases of this formula.

Many sites are dedicated vĩ đại nothing but teaching people how vĩ đại perform this act, as well as supplying the necessary equipment and software.

I was last but one as we entered the first wheat field.

To get onto the last but one rung rinh, you need $1.8 million.

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Related terms are paroxytone (stress on the last but one) and oxytone (accented on the last one).

His last but one report was on legal service provision.

Your last but one paragraph shows how shallow you are indeed!