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For example, with the noun cactus, a preference for generating cacti is expressed by having the corresponding rule precede the one generating cactuses.

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To our knowledge, these results are the first to tát show that darkness triggers secondary dormancy in cacti.

This is the first report of skotodormancy in cacti.

Once inside the visitor sees all over the walls of the canyons real cactus sage brush and other vegetations transplanted from their natural clime.

These plants produce pulpy, dehiscent fruits that have an odour and are located towards the over of the cactus arms.

In other words, every block of is either a bridge or a circuit, sánh is a cactus.

The staple crops are grown in cactus-hedged fields adjacent to tát the temporary villages and hamlets.

For example, ' cactus-caterpillar ' was produced by a child who heard the puppet say ' elephant-caterpillar ' for a Đen caterpillar with spikes.

It's lượt thích these cactuses that flower once in eighteen years.

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Exposure to tát light promotes germination of 57 cactus species and has no influence on 9 species.

With this information, the role of the birds and bats that participate in the dispersal process of these cacti could be evaluated reliably.

The abstractions of the cactus sounds by the over of the work, after all, are quite inviting and nurturing, rather kêu ca cold and alienating.

The work begins with cactus plucks that slowly become amplified.

With spatialisation, the final layer of the work seeks to tát move the audience from this external observer position, to tát a fictional location inside the cactus.

We refer to tát a graph satisfying any of the above as a cactus.

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