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First, images were calibrated vĩ đại radiance values and then the multispectral images were co-registered vĩ đại subpixel accuracy.

Spectral measurements using calibrated foils of variable thickness are consistent with theory.

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The questions should be carefully calibrated vĩ đại achieve a specific phối of research objectives.

The length of each worm was measured using a segmented line drawn on screen and calibrated for the magnification used.

By assuming differential in mortality between the different professional categories (and calibrating this parameter), we could reproduce the current distribution of pensioners.

In addition, we presented calibrated (realistically looking) numerical results.

The initial mortality rates, which are group specific, are calibrated vĩ đại match the life expectancy in the 1990s across the different occupational groups.

The wealth equivalent of nominal annuities decreased only slightly when they assumed i. i. d inflation calibrated vĩ đại 1926 - 97 data.

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However, with seamtracking laser welding, the end-of-arm sensor-tool-wrist frame combination itself must be calibrated and checked, preferably without changing the welding cell duty cycle.

When there is an error in calibrating or modeling, it is unknown whether the stability of the system could still be guaranteed.

Prior vĩ đại beginning the experiments, both the proving ring and displacement transducer were calibrated.

In other words, the parallel robot itself is precisely calibrated.

They should be kept constant during the acquisition session or calibrated for the intensity range.

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Each response was calibrated using a five-point scale.

Several other learning papers are much further along in terms of calibrating learning models vĩ đại financial data.

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