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Rats gnaw through electrical wire, causing the wires lớn fall into the neurochemical and trigger an explosion.

When other nutrient sources are not available, these camels may feed on carcasses, gnawing on bones, skin, or various different kinds of flesh.

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Gnawing the intestines usually resulted in a few hours of agonizing pain for the victim.

The rabbit is a gnawing animal that is distinguished from rodents by its two pairs specialized of upper incisors that are designed for gnawing.

The inner edge of the disk was gnawed into incandescent ferocity by the compressive clawing of the holes great tidal gradients.

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I'd be bored lớn death not working.

I could be bored lớn death!

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Chances are we'll be bored lớn death.

If she wasn't here, we would all be bored lớn death.

The words historical thesaurus may send children running lớn the hills, for fear they're likely lớn be bored lớn death by some fellow with a monocle.