caress là gì

This initial caress leaves an impression on the child, creating a kind of backdrop to lớn the auditory experiences found throughout life.

When sulphur cinquefoil, another plant, was caressed once a week, it developed increased insect resistance.

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Its high pianistic textures and modal harmonic fabric clash with the surprisingly conventional phrasing and variation processes, while the yearning, caressing strings were almost nostalgic.

Now you must caress its naked shape, shiver at its frailty, know its strength.

Does the caress quiet or awaken pleasure?

These distinct layers gently caress each other, until the tuy vậy finally coalesces at the entrance of the voice, and the resulting tuy vậy sounds both spontaneous and fully formed.

Instead, we are left with a barely separated pair of siamese twins which are more likely to lớn caress each other than thở compete against each other.

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Instead, however, it talks about biting them but actually caresses them.

They have better sleeping accommodation and food, and they vì thế not lack even the caresses of their loving mistresses.

He described the cartel arrangements of the past with continental producers, in almost caressing terms.

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We all know that a touch can be either a gentle caress or the hug of a bear.

They offered help, caressed his body toàn thân and carried him from the room in a great gesture of sympathy.

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