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There was a developed hierarchical system involving different classes of royal and non-royal nobles, không tính phí men, occupational castes and slaves.

Scheduled castes at 27,932 formed around one-fourth the population.

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Scheduled castes at 38,058 formed around one-fourth the population.

They are divided into castes, based mostly on size, that perform different functions.

The protests witnessed violent clashes between people belonging to tướng various castes.

Those who cast the vote are different as well.

He returned as a full-time cast thành viên for the third series.

Also, instead of adding money to tướng a group pool, the cast competed each mission for a key to tướng the handsome reward.

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She returned once again in the season finale for the sixth season before returning as a full-time cast thành viên once again in season 7.

This usually involves a musician or cast of a musical.

Several of these doors have been blocked off with thâm cast iron gates.

The frame of the loom was cast iron.

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Each cất cánh is surmounted by an ornate cast iron cornice.

The tunneled section is between shafts 1 and 4, measures 3,689 feet (1,125 m) long and is lined with cast iron segments.

When exposed to tướng heat, cast iron buckled, and later cracked under the cold water used to tướng extinguish fire.