cheap nghĩa là gì

Two cheap apartments for cowshed workers were constructed.

The solar heating has not been competitive due vĩ đại cheap alternatives (electricity, fuel oil and district heating) and the lack of tư vấn systems.

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This leads vĩ đại a very crude, fast and cheap gasket.

Because of cheap low-quality man-made extensive use of glue boards, resulting in formaldehyde emission poisoning.

If the cost of desalination drops enough, it will be cheaper vĩ đại generate freshwater from saltwater than thở vĩ đại import freshwater from another country.

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That was the rot that had phối in, especially when another of our young players was sold on the cheap.

These were then sold on the cheap vĩ đại people making paper plates.

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A question that has been asked by many is why would an experienced banker sell on the cheap.

But there is a flipside, which is that the company is divesting of these assets when assets are selling on the cheap due vĩ đại the weakness in the gold market.

This early size of journalism and storytelling was sold on the cheap, and many took no time at all vĩ đại read.