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For example, a no boundary extension rule would result in more accurate representations but in less predictive coverage.

The past and current medications used in their cancer treatment were also examined in detail for an accurate evaluation.

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The approach towards accurate functionals has instead been to tát study model systems for which very accurate functionals can be derived.

If the mirroring is too accurate, the perception itself can become a source of fear, and it loses its symbolic potential.

Sensitivity and flexibility are needed for engaging with individual families, but accurate measurement is needed for systems control.

No single theory is able to tát provide an accurate theoretical estimate of the thermodynamic properties of matter in the entire phase plane.

One or more of the religions may, in fact, offer descriptions of that order that are substantially more accurate kêu ca the others.

We are not targeting accurate predictions in the face of drastic unseen-before changes in workload patterns.

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She visits their home page and, after an hour or so sánh of closely questioning them, is pretty sure her suspicions are accurate.

This yielded an accurate temporal measurement of the pause time between the adult and child utterances.

Therefore, a knowledge as accurate as possible of the radiative transfer inside disks is a prerequisite for their modelling.

The macroscopic, coarse-grained mô tả tìm kiếm is less precise kêu ca the microscopic one, but simpler and accurate to tát within a level specified by the noise.

With these precise data, the evaluation will be very accurate.

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It is sufficiently fast and accurate to tát be used by seed producers for establishing an optimal harvest time to tát obtain high-quality seed lots.

In the present study, comparing the presence versus absence of accurate and informative negative feedback allowed us to tát assess this hypothesis directly.

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