clothes là gì

Wearing new clothes, preparing delicious foods the people of this area celebrate this festival with enthusiasms.

She takes them back to lớn her place and gives them some of her ex-husbands clothes.

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The clothes were very valuable, frequently incorporating gold embroidery, and had to lớn be suitably arranged after having been removed.

His clothes function on a surface level but also invite you to lớn take a closer look.

Potter's artistic uncertainty is evident in her attempt to lớn establish a relationship between clothes and the social and animal selves of humans and animals.

A later restorer glued and lined the resulting socket and crack with cloth.

The headliner cloth was heavy white fabric, with many tiny random splashes of gold paint.

Women wrapped a length of cloth around themselves and tied their hair in a bun.

The crane plucked its own feathers to lớn weave between the threads to lớn produce a glittering cloth.

His clothing is made of woven cloth, richly embroidered in silk, and his stockings are knitted.

Vintage clothing retains and increases in value due to lớn the fact that it is genuinely from a past era.

They willingly deprived themselves of things such as food and clothing in order to lớn help the suffering troops.

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The group typically receives revelation, or clues, consisting of places, clothing, hairstyle, or situations which will help identify the treasure.

The character's likeness has been used in and adapted into a variety of items, including plush toys and figurines, clothing, bedding, household decor and appliances.

This revolutionized the way department stores arranged clothing for sale and created the role of fashion merchandising as we know it today.

While admitting slapping him occasionally as a child, she claimed it was "reasonable chastisement" and denied hitting him with a clothes brush.

For this reason, visible lint is often removed with a lint roller or clothes brush.

Additional miễn phí extras given out at retail counters included clothes brushes and identification tags which buttoned inside raincoats.

Relatives stood in đen sì mourning clothes and white headbands.

The air, uncirculated, has a camphor smell, as if the people who first lived here were creaking open wardrobes, lifting out their mourning clothes.

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Newsreaders will wear đen sì suits and đen sì ties and a footman wearing mourning clothes will emerge from the palace doors to lớn pin a black-edged notice on the gates.

She does not want to lớn wear mourning clothes any longer now that she is in love.

My grandma permanently wore mourning clothes after the deaths of her sons.