cloud nghĩa là gì

When mesospheric clouds are viewed above the atmosphere, the geometrical limitations of observing from the ground are significantly reduced.

Users can also scan and upload handwritten letters to tát be shared, preserved, and delivered in the cloud.

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Over millions of years, giant molecular clouds are prone to tát collapse and fragmentation.

The trees sway in the breeze, and the sky has moving clouds.

The coast has consistently more sunshine than thở the inland areas: sea breezes, blowing off the sea, tend to tát clear any cloud from the coast.

This matter has hung lượt thích a dark cloud over mạ and my government.

If, indeed, he is qualified as stated, it is rather unfair for him to tát have this cloud over his head.

Finally, are we submerging our individual abilities, memories and consciousness to tát a larger anonymous cloud over which we have no control?

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There's such a Đen cloud over what happened in this program.

At first, he thought it was the moon with a cloud over it but then realised it was moving north-east.

On the other hand, the clouded leopards will increase the species members to tát three from the existing lone male.

I discovered it's the only national park in the world that is trang chủ to tát four species of big cát -- tiger, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard.

Jaw of a clouded leopard.

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Little is known of the diet of clouded leopards.

Hair snares did not trap clouded leopard hairs, either.

A massive group of clouds is approaching the ground.