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Each unit plot contained 36 coconut palms (six rows of six) of which 16 were useful palms (four rows of four).

We considered control methods suitable for rehabilitating infested mature coconut plantings and for preserving young coconut plantings.

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Treatment 2: chopped coconut husks 0.90 1.05 0.98 12.2 14.2 17.3 58 0.19 1.37 43.0 37.

In most of the villages, the primary productive activities besides fishing are coconut and clove farming.

Reports of the presence of the mite have always been linked vĩ đại the observation of damage on coconut.

With the bare soil practice, regular burning of windrowed coconut waste is a tricky operation.

A method vĩ đại deter mine leaf area of a frond and the whole canopy of an adult coconut palm.

Given the drive vĩ đại intensify, extend, rehabilitate and rejuvenate these coconut plantings, introducing intercrops seems vĩ đại be one solution.

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Each plot comprised 48 coconut palms (four rows of 12), of which the trăng tròn central palms were useful (two rows of 10).

If planting is staggered only slightly, there is strong competition from coconut palms on cacao tree growth and yields in the short term.

Coconut yields were identical in the monoculture and intercropping treatments.

The cacao tree canopy developed more quickly, despite higher coconut planting densities.

Traps were baited with shredded coconut and/or fish emulsion.

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Nonetheless, improvement is highly variable from one plot vĩ đại another, depending on the history of the coconut palms.

Three main treatments were tested: control without mulch; mulch made from cocopeat (mixed with residual fibres); and a mulch of chopped coconut husks.

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