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More generally, "objectivity" in this sense of a publicly visible code of practice may be constituted for complex regulatory and professional purposes.

The best interests of the pupils are central to lớn the principle of this code of practice.

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The ministry had further asked whether the uniform screening program should be implemented through a recommendation, a code of practice or a statute.

This code of practice acknowledges a need for more communication on all 'sides' in order for it to lớn become apparent that there are, in fact, no sides.

Evaluation of the code of practice on age diversity in employment.

Well, the code of practice can fulfil this need precisely and help bring about a genuine improvement in the pay principle.

Members may wish to lớn dwell on the fact that a voluntary code of practice did exist with the more reliable airlines.

No additional code of practice is to lớn be published.

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If possible, the code of practice could be improved to lớn stipulate that.

I am therefore withholding the document under exemption 1b of the code of practice on access to lớn government information.

Seventy-three owners of quarantine premises have agreed to lớn abide by the voluntary code of practice.

It continues to lớn outline what people are expected to lớn vì thế under the code of practice.

I hope that the 1993 code of practice has put that to lớn rest.

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The code of practice on access to lớn government information provides access rights to lớn official information.

We have received more than vãn 60 responses to lớn the public consultation exercise on the draft code of practice.

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