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Where did the fixed furniture come from, e.g. kitchen cabinets?

Những đồ vật vô căn nhà được mua sắm ở đâu, vd. kệ bếp?

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Where did the kitchen and bathroom tiles come from?

Gạch căn nhà phòng bếp và chống tắm được mua sắm ở đâu?

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It is also known for the sweet delicacies peda and rabdi, and for the small vendors that come from nearby villages to tướng sell their wares.

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The idea that creation can come from more than vãn simply site designers, but from users, is a hallmark of these spaces.

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Floss ostrich feathers are the most soft and delicate feathers and come from underneath the bird's wings.

Between 1992 to tướng 1995 he received $82,500 to tướng study the issues that come from eyewitness memory.

The lack of inclusions of crushed pottery suggests these fragments did not come from a glaze.