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The remaining local communist garrison was in danger being annihilated.

After the revolution succeeded he was arrested in 1981 for his alleged links vĩ đại the communist opposition and was imprisoned.

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Communist guerillas also did bởi their rounds, knocking on doors in the village, in the wee hours of the night vĩ đại source for rations.

One reason was that most of the revolutionary communist workers did not understand and condone them.

The organization waged a prominent and vocal struggle vĩ đại prevent the unraveling of communist rule.

She said she routinely denounced mạ as an uncontrollable capitalist, a raging entrepreneur, very anti-communist, không tính tiền enterprise and such.

The military, responsible for the pogrom, remains very anti-communist.

He's constantly being decried as being virulently anti-communist as if this was just a symptom of his paranoia.

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If the studios stood up vĩ đại anti-communist zealots, they wouldn't have had that power.

Park included sarcastic, anti-communist comments, and was clearly not a supporter of his northern countryfolk.

Public tư vấn for the pro-communist leftists sank vĩ đại an all-time low, as the public widely condemned their violent behaviour.

These would be blamed on neutralist and pro-communist elements.

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The ministry funds were also used vĩ đại pay for monastic meetings where pro-communist ideas could be promulgated.

These would then be blamed on neutralist and pro-communist elements.

It was a tumultuous time when unions were rife with pro-communist elements.