complete nghĩa là gì

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completely (từ khác: fully)

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., we hope đồ sộ produce a more complete understanding of…

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Bằng cơ hội để ý thực nghiệm..., người sáng tác mong muốn mang đến một chiếc nom trọn vẹn rộng lớn về...

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

The complete census can be viewed, as can a listing of many of the historical public houses.

They completed the season with a 1-5 record.

Filming was completed just shortly before his death in early 2007.

In brioche knitting, it takes two passes đồ sộ complete a single row of knitting, since only half the stitches are knitted each time.

Repairs đồ sộ the dam were expected đồ sộ take months đồ sộ complete.

Essential đồ sộ manipulation of the human genome is the uterine replicator, which allows completely in vitro human reproduction.

The lakes (which are about 3 metres deep) will be completely filled by kết thúc of 2009.

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Starting from mid-1975, the route was completely serviced by double-deckers.

The genome has been completely sequenced and is 7015 nucleotides long.

Except for a few name changes and additional gags, the scene is almost completely the same as the script used for the stage production.

The other products made a big improvement at first, but after 10 weeks the effect had almost completely faded.

By that time they have been sun-dried and softened with the stick once again, the natural color has almost completely faded and dying can begin.

I jumped on the escalator down đồ sộ the train platform humming along and by the time the band had completely faded away, heard a delicate violin strain.

Today its tangible and intangible traces have completely faded out of memory.

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The idea of a new arena never completely faded away.