counseling là gì

Just because the guy is human and is talking about it doesn't mean he needs counseling.

Surely taxpayer-funded psychological counseling will be made available if necessary.

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Not just drug counseling, but actually getting these guys therapists who can listen vĩ đại them talk about what they've been through and where they're going.

As previously stated, the level of care necessary for a patient should be determined by an in-person assessment with a qualified medical or counseling professional.

The counseling schedule was launched officially on the trang web.

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When a fellow student has a mental breakdown, she counsels her and helps her through the rough patch.

Instead, she visits her brother in prison and counsels him vĩ đại prepare himself for death.

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The counsel representing the men said they would continue vĩ đại pursue full exoneration.

The right vĩ đại legal representation, and vĩ đại government-paid counsel if one can not afford vĩ đại pay, is respected.

Moneys interest from its beginning was keen and practical, and he gave wise counsel in the moulding of the curriculum.