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Flows of refugees, military intervention by neighbouring countries and cross-border war economies have further contributed to tướng the regional character of conflict.

We present four important groups of cross-border migrants that have sánh far remained largely beyond the ken of refugee studies.

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Most of these clusters of interconnected cross-border flashpoints grew robust over time.

Fourth, by definition the balance of payments is only oriented to tướng cross-border trade.

Joint coordination of tariff reductions would allow the externalities from induced changes in cross-border pollution to tướng be properly internalized when forming a preferential trading area.

Another important aspect examined in this part of the volume is related to tướng the role of cross-border communities in the context if globalisation.

These conflicts proved to tướng be stumbling blocks in the laborious road to tướng a cross-border tariffication system compatible with the internal market concept.

Improved cross-border access for people at the moment mainly focuses on the needs of international tourists, with cars, to tướng cross the border.

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Some of the papers given at the conference moved the perspective away from the state and explored non-state actors as a conduit of cross-border linkages.

Circumpolar cooperation develops political and technical recommendations, especially of region-wide and cross-border relevance.

The most serious of these problems is cross-border raids and the import of conflict from the sending country.

How and why did the level of cross-border traffic change over time?

By the early 1980s, cross-border flows of capital had reached enormous volumes, and issuance and trading of securities on international markets burgeoned.

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Significantly both contributions conclude by suggesting that networking and cross-border cooperation is neither as pervasive nor as successful as some commentators suggest.

In connection with the identification apparatus mentioned above, different groups were branded as disease carriers while other cross-border enterprises were regarded as cholera-free.

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