cúp tiếng anh là gì

Bản dịch của "cúp" nhập Anh là gì?



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cúp {danh}

bị cúp {tính}

hớt tóc máy {động}

Bản dịch

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

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Vietnamese Cách dùng "trophy" nhập một câu

They also usually receive a certificate, classified according vĩ đại merit, and some may win trophies.

The trophy is a silver ornament with wooden base which contains several plaques.

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The other player trophies are awarded by the board of directors.

It also holds muskie, while the numbers are relatively low, the average size is becoming quite large, making for a trophy fishery.

The helmet trophy was created vĩ đại further intensify the rivalry between these two teams.