daffodil là gì

At this time of year, one walks into a village and sees the daffodils blooming under an oak.

That is a measure of the small increase in price that daffodil growers have had in the last three years.

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I am glad to lớn see that he is no longer deserving of those particular bunches of daffodils.

They have done a tremendous amount in marketing and promoting their products, particularly the daffodils.

They have done an enormous amount to lớn help themselves, particularly in marketing the daffodil crop.

This year, as well, growers have done reasonably well with their daffodils and potatoes.

At one time, the sale of a particular soap powder was assisted by plastic daffodils.

First, when the daffodils come into bloom and the spring starts, people start to lớn think of moving house.

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Are not daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs suffering from "eel-worm"disease and"fire," respectively, imported into this country?

This is surely the classic, traditional place for us to lớn view our daffodils and get the maximum enjoyment from them.

If we are not careful, we will find ourselves having to lớn get a licence to lớn plant a daffodil and another licence to lớn pick one!

But violence does not return of its own accord, lượt thích the daffodils in spring.

He did create certain flowers for that purpose, lượt thích daffodils, and cowslips, but not bluebells.

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It becomes almost taken for granted, lượt thích selling daffodils on the corner.

The wild daffodil is a flower which propagates by its seed and if one plucks a daffodil one loses future daffodils.

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