dark nghĩa là gì

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thâm tối {tính} (âm mưu cơ hoặc thủ đoạn)

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Ví dụ về kiểu cách dùng

I offer you my deepest condolences on this dark day.

Tôi xin xỏ gửi tiếng phân tách buồn thâm thúy với việc rơi rụng non rộng lớn lao của khách hàng.

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

They vì thế not have dark and light areas on their faces.

The hindwings and cilia are rather dark fuscous.

The fronds have a coppery tint when young, but mature to lớn dark green.

The costa is darker than vãn the rest of the wing.

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There are no other established standards for dark sky preserves.

The lights are extinguished, leaving the stage in darkness.

The flickering darkness returns, and the house begins to lớn shake.

What conjures within us the experience of love or, alternatively, casts us into the oblivion of darkness?

Of this minimum number of jumps, "at least" four (4) jumps would have been during hours of darkness.

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Suddenly, the dim silhouette of a warship loomed out of the hazy darkness close aboard.