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On a day-to-day level, re-ection of a mediational character was drawn into teaching sessions across the entire course.

They took charge of day-to-day administration and defence planning.

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It is to lớn be hoped that community healthcare researchers, in any part of the world, could routinely integrate diversity into their day-to-day planning of studies.

In the past, the concepts and practices of wild-living-resource conservation proceeded as if the human population problem can be ignored in day-to-day planning and actions.

Because of these design features, efficacy studies are not necessarily helpful in deciding whether an intervention would work in day-to-day practice.

However, some practitioners argue that such forms of inquiry are largely academic and not central to lớn understanding the concerns of day-to-day practice.

Such practices are visible in day-to-day conversation and are also taken up in research and policy.

The concerns of the farmer, ranging from technical day-to-day matters to lớn more strategic issues, are presented sagaciously.

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Yet in their day-to-day lives, very young children may often ignore the syntactic aspect of their input.

Progress is typically stepwise, with long plateaux between events and day-to-day fluctuations in severity.

In order to lớn study subject variability and day-to-day variability, we analyzed data gathered from multiple subjects over a period of several months.

Of particular present-day interest are the day-to-day entries of weather and ice conditions.

Many have in fact little to lớn tự with politics on a day-to-day basis (table 3).

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It is likely that day-to-day care will increasingly be delivered by care assistants but in an environment where their work is defined and supported constructively.

In fact, they were increasingly run rẩy by their clerks, often lawyers, while their governors and assistants participated less in day-to-day management.

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