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Without effective vessel resale markets or decommissioning grants fishing incomes can fall to lớn very low levels before participants leave the fishery.

Also, when certain fishing vessels are decommissioned, fishers may lose money that is invested in fishing gears as sunk costs.

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A large number of vessels of all three gear types must be decommissioned to lớn eliminate the excess capacity.

He was responsible for reallocating used naval equipment from decommissioned ships to lớn active duty ships.

The paper also estimates the number of vessels to lớn decommission to lớn reduce the excess capacity.

Low-viability samples are often decommissioned and discarded.

Local authorities have been encouraged not only to lớn commission new services from a wide range of potential providers but also to lớn decommission in-house provision where it has not been cost-effective.

Removing the lowest capacity boats first would require the largest number to lớn be decommissioned, and leave the minimum number of boats that can take the catch.

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Having agreed the rules of procedure and agenda for the opening plenary the talks are now addressing the issue of decommissioning.

Calculations that have been made indicate that there is advantage in allowing radioactivity to lớn decay before decommissioning is undertaken.

The safety of used fuel cores, both on board decommissioned submarines and stored on land, has been confirmed by rigorous independent safety assessments.

Of these, one is stored afloat and three are being, or are about to lớn be, decommissioned.

Our policy remains that when nuclear-powered submarines have been decommissioned the hulls should be stored afloat at a suitable berth, pending eventual disposal.

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Our policy remains that when nuclear-powered sumarines have been decommissioned the hulls are stored afloat at a suitable berth, pending eventual disposal.

However, it is unsustainable because of problems with decommissioning nuclear power stations and disposing of wastes.

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