decouple là gì

These are mechanically decoupled by a standard process.

They serve đồ sộ decouple the load carrying wall from the currents in the fluid.

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But (18) cannot be reorganized đồ sộ deliver zeros in the right-hand column (the condition that allows one target đồ sộ be decoupled).

This has a strong influence on system complexity as it decouples different layers of the product architecture.

The 1996 and 2002 programs decoupled most subsidy payments from specific crops.

Today, state-based standards on the one hand, and quasi-private governance structures on the other, play a central role largely decoupling agrarian politics and capitalist markets.

It also decouples constructors from their arguments, making it impossible đồ sộ bởi pattern matching directly.

In general, it is not easy đồ sộ physically construct a wheeled mobile robot whose moment of inertia is decoupled as (11).

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Owing đồ sộ the collisional interactions, the magnetic field and the dynamics of the charged particles are decoupled and the perturbations of the field are negligible.

This system provided the magistracy with the opportunity đồ sộ decouple domicile rights from political, economic or juridical rights.

Since the dynamic behavior of the active end-effector is decoupled in its nominal configuration, separate control loops are needed for each motor.

As mentioned above, microphase separation is not decoupled from folding.

By defining patriotism in terms of personal service, loyalism made it difficult for radicals đồ sộ decouple patriotism from personalities.

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Since the representation (and hence the feedback) does not change with changes in camera configuration, active camera control is decoupled from the robot control problem.

This model includes income tư vấn that is decoupled from farm business objectives, either partially or completely.

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