defense là gì

The defense argued no one could expect somebody to lớn fall out of a high-rise building.

A helmet, while not foolproof, is a rider's first line of defense against a traumatic head injury.

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We can't harvest an entire species -- or "manage" them, as we long did with predators lượt thích wolves -- without blowback, to lớn use the defense parlance.

On some nights, when the blood moon randomly rises, you just have to lớn hope your defenses can hold against a massive onslaught.

The growing demand from the end-use industries such as automotive, aircraft, and defense is expected to lớn drive the demand for heat shield.

He later became a thành viên of the team, playing both defensive over and offensive tackle.

The entire village was reinforced with a solid wall stretching 450 metres around the village complete with two defensive towers.

He showed improvement at a public workout a month later, but his pre-draft rankings ranged from 12th to lớn 25th among defensive ends.

The loopholes on the lower floor indicate the original defensive nature of the house.

At the other over, her personality is a rigid defensive denial of the new and spontaneous.

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Air defense radars will detect intrusions in the country's air space.

Governments across the world are solidifying their air defense and strong demand for aircrafts exists both in commercial and military aircraft segments.

The air defense force would create a new early-warning unit also in the southern region with radar-capable planes.

Undergoing final development and testing, they're designed to lớn perform ground attack, aerial reconnaissance and air defense missions.

We still would need a capability to lớn penetrate and persist in the adversary air defense system.

An officer acting in self-defense or pulling the trigger too quickly?

Mine, it's self-defense, in defense of the helpless children.

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These martial arts systems focus on pure self-defense.

If it was self-defense, he has no liability.

Most of the time they're for self-defense or sport.