defy là gì

It is when a phenomenon defies understanding that it 'announces' itself, and stands out from the background, requiring interpretation.

Contemporary social scientists struggle with the problem of being precise about that which defies precision : the cloudiness of our own lives.

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And, finally, there are those - the truly problematic cases - which defy exclusive classification.

In contrast, signatures that result from recombination between ribosomal variants leave traces that defy any phylogenetic hypothesis.

Counteracting the conduct-book-like prescriptions of their words, the performative force of the female voice undoes the drama and defies its constraining messages.

Plus most women on death row, lượt thích their male counterparts, have complex, dysfunctional lives, and ví defy easy categorisation.

His book effortlessly and purposefully defies the false dichotomy between a cultural studies approach and a historical one.

Such fanciful narratives are "mythical" rather than thở realistic, and the identities they invent defy historical or scientific discursivity.

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Those who tư vấn a democratic regime tự not have to tướng defy traditional authority relations within the family or in the workplace.

The changes that have taken place have been ví many and ví large that they defy many of the tools of marginal analysis.

This is an emotional truth which often seems to tướng defy the interpretations of archaeologists, historians or anthropologists.

This productive energy seems to tướng defy any efforts to tướng curtail or constrain it.

Among historians and sociologists of science, it is a commonplace that scientists' accusations of plagiarism defy straightforward explanations.

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The ' emergence' of the factors of interest should surely be shown as a rational and replicable process, not presented as alchemy that defies explanation.

By the same token, politicians who choose restrictive fiscal and monetary policies over more expansionary alternatives are not necessarily defying the laws of political gravity.

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