dehydration là gì

It has been proposed that this discrepancy is due đồ sộ a difference in extent of dehydration.

Essential foods included sweets for energy and water đồ sộ prevent dehydration.

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He was hospitalized due đồ sộ dehydration after the first game, but returned đồ sộ the team for the third and last game of the tour.

After the arrival of refrigeration, dehydration was no longer needed for preservation.

Symptoms of gastrointestinal obstruction include vomiting, abdominal pain, and depression due đồ sộ dehydration.

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Ingredients include dehydrated potatoes, corn and/or sunflower oil, corn meal, potato starch, salt, "sulfate", "niacin", "thiamin mononitrate", "riboflavin", and yeast.

He is of completely human appearance although he tends đồ sộ shrivel up when he gets dehydrated.

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The dehydrated laumontite is very friable, often falling into a powder at the slightest touch.

The single-cell protein must be dehydrated đồ sộ approximately 10% moisture nội dung and/or acidified đồ sộ aid in storage and prevent spoilage.

To prevent this, the egg must be dehydrated prior đồ sộ freezing.