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The information electronically available in the agencies' rulemaking dockets sometimes varied within the agencies.

The docket also shows the appointment of a subcommittee to tát review the nomination.

The information in the docket was searchable by từ khóa, docket identification number, or in other ways.

The docket also records the reactions of the senators to tát the nominee.

As previously noted, agencies sometimes provided electronic access to tát docket information for particular rules.

The court devoted itself exclusively to tát persons with those charges as long as individuals with viable cases remained on the docket.

At the time the court began building its docket only five confessions had been offered.

There is no close relationship between the number of dockets and number of offenders.

The old dockets are dug out and passed round and old plans which have been pigeon-holed for years are circulated and everybody is fully employed.

Permits and priority dockets are not normally refused in such circumstances.

People who have lost furniture, furnishings, or clothing in the floods are entitled to tát coupons, dockets and furniture permits on a prescribed scale.

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Dockets are only given to tát provide for additional needs such, for example, as those which arise when people mix up house for the first time.

Industrial grades enter manually the time of their arrival and depature on the work dockets.

Every time the court officials arrived at one town, the dockets had been moved to tát another.

However, that is not a cure; it simply dockets the problem.

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vô giờ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)

交接記錄,移交記錄, 待審案件目錄表, 商業日程表…

vô giờ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)

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交接记录,移交记录, 待审案件目录表, 商业日程表…

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