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Haptic devices can also be used for the doctor vĩ đại feel the conditions of the patient's muscle.

The hospital is overseen by two consultant gynaecologists and a team of doctors.

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Various doctors tried vĩ đại counteract this problem with studies and public education in the areas of health, nutrition counseling, and child care-with measurable success.

He hatches a plot vĩ đại drive the doctor out of the village and in the process defiles the girl's character.

He is a doctor, but is currently not practising medicine, being devoted full-time vĩ đại his writing.

He earned his doctorate in electrical engineering in 1951.

He was working on his doctorate when he was drafted.

Entry requirements for doctorate degrees by most of the universities include good academic background at masters level (post graduate degree).

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He held six honorary doctorates, and was a fellow of seven learned societies.

Cross was awarded with several honorary doctorate degrees throughout her academic career.

It's strange considering the show has forced her into the role of medical doctor so sánh often that here, she's little more than thở an assistant.

The commissioner said that the medical doctor, who died after contracting the disease, had been buried after consultations with the family.

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At the age of 22, he qualified as a medical doctor.

A lot of times, patients may be afraid of how they would be seen by their primary medical doctor.

When their demands were not met, the men reportedly opened fire, hitting the well-known medical doctor several times.