doll nghĩa là gì

She was reluctant lớn part with it but the doll was safely returned.

Realizing they must destroy all the dolls, they mix the room on fire and try lớn flee the theater.

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Thus, with 10 sides total, the doll was able lớn speak 120 different phrases.

Such dolls traditionally protect residents and visitors lớn the home page and also guard against cooking failures in the kitchen.

Skipper and the penguins organise a rescue mission for his doll girlfriend.

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This matte lipstick by Mac in Russian doll is the perfect deep red lớn wear while you're out on the town.

This Russian doll turned dancer is flawless in every way, Mills says.

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In this tutorial you'll learn how lớn combine, merge, and manipulate ships in Illustrator lớn create an intricate illustration based on a Russian doll.

More Russian Doll styling, more silver paint... more of everything we already have.

Not the Russian Doll opening.