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It often includes elongation, altered flowering time, increased apical dominance and altered partitioning of resources.

Their colonies are polydomous (consist of multiple nests) and have a characteristic dominance hierarchy system.

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They are usually green due to lớn the dominance of pigments chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.

Prior to lớn the mating season or rut, the rams attempt to lớn establish a dominance hierarchy to lớn determine access to lớn ewes for mating.

As a result of his dominance, professional running started to lớn die.

This particularly applies to lớn species in which a male has a very long tenure as the dominant male, and faces little instability in this hierarchy.

Italy was dominant, taking eleven gold medals and 38 overall.

Drifting buoys are the dominant sườn of weather buoy in sheer number, with 1250 located worldwide.

Red brick, sometimes painted other colours, is the dominant surface material.

This is because a speech community will not adopt a newer dominant language, and so sánh adapt their language with grammatical material from the dominant language.

Ultimately, each civilization competes for land and resources with the purpose of eventual military, technological, cultural, or economic domination.

Previously, to lớn ensure against foreign white domination, no white foreigner was permitted to lớn own real estate.

The harmonious relationship described by arcadian ecology establishes a responsibility to lớn resist the domination of nature.

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However, after completing his training he was chased away again, giving him a chance to lớn complete his dream of world domination.

This reduction makes thought the accomplice of domination.

The more powerful flavor of the marionberry has led to lớn it dominating current blackberry production.

The river's landscape is now dominated by mature gravel pit lakes.

Ghana dominated the region between about 750 and 1078.

Mountains and glaciers dominate the park's landscape, covering 82% of its area.

Wild grasslands and old mountain ranges dominated the planet's surface.

Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with other strong personalities.

During the height of their empires, the sarrukh became lazy and domineering.

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Homeschooling is not synonymous with domineering and controlling.

A chapter about her dark side describes her as hostile and domineering.

Its eyes were also averted, to lớn which he stated that in wolf communication is done by confident, domineering individuals.