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However, we have found that ngân hàng capital tends to tướng move counter-cyclically: that is, banks tend to tướng increase capital during economic downturns.

The first two years in the scenario assume a period of economic downturn.

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This result sheds light on the fact that economic development is associated with recurring downturns.

Totimehuacan benefited from easier access to tướng courts and government authorities, but it also had to tướng endure the city's economic downturns, epidemics, and military occupations.

For some countries, there were hints of an impending downturn as early as the year 2000.

However, the downturns are mild, leaving emissions in the high-income countries only slightly below their current levels.

Sudden scandals, a downturn in the economy or policy failure can rapidly change a party's fortunes.

And a market downturn could disproportionately affect benefits received by low lifetime earners.

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However, this was already a time of hardship, as is seen in the downturn of rents and the frequency and magnitude of rent acquittals.

Our analysis shows that bearish consumers and entrepreneurs were present before the onset of specific economic downturns, even when the fundamentals were all very strong.

They are either nonprofit or modestly profitable (and in return they will be protected from the upturns and downturns of the competitive marketplace).

An economic downturn again slowed spending in the late 1850s.

However, these results must be viewed against a backdrop of employment and economic downturns, as well as other external factors impinging on the agency.

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In 1992-3, the combination of severe drought and a sharp downturn in world prices seriously depressed the sector.

A further comment is worth making here about the current downturn in the world's economies.

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