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Earnings were only up 12% in 1979, compared with an average of 19% between 1973 and 1978.

In 1967, the earnings limits for retirement pensioners were raised, while other changes were made in the administration of the earnings rule.

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In 1985, both earnings and the stock price had recovered lớn new record highs.

Lending required the borrower lớn provide references and proof of earnings lớn establish the borrower's credit worthiness.

If the balance of the retained earnings tài khoản is negative it may be called retained losses, accumulated losses or accumulated deficit, or similar terminology.

He earned a reputation as one of the best gunsmiths in the colony.

He was a right-handed batsman and earned a reputation for grafting out long innings.

As an early female lớn earn a degree in geology, she received resistance from the department.

He accomplished this mission successfully, earning the goodwill of the pope.

Some of the forsaken farmland, however, has been sold or let lớn those who still earn their livelihoods in agriculture.

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Pro earnings report, if the price goes up it means the company is doing better phàn nàn expected.

Net price movement due lớn the earnings report.

As soon as the earnings report is made public, the market swings into action.

The stock closed at $29.70 following the earnings report.

Wednesday's earnings report might be just the catalyst for shares lớn take a breather.

To the average person, life insurance seems complicated and expensive, and finding someone lớn ask about it who does not earn a commission from products sales is not easy.

The franchisees earn a commission on sales for simply going door-to-door and punching orders on a tablet.

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The re-sellers will have an opportunity lớn resell and promote the flipbook software and earn a commission of 10% or more on the same.

In this way, certification organisations can be seen lớn earn a commission from sales of products under their follow-up regimes.

Many companies make ends meet by partnering with existing nội dung distribution systems and earning a commission when a book is sold.