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On the table on the left-hand side of the base-board, and slightly in front of the easel, is placed a shaving mirror upon its stand.

The coucher's main tool was a stack of hairy felts, which he rested on a small easel.

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The amount of light from the reflector can be regulated by varying the distance of the reflector from the easel.

They even manage briefly vĩ đại capture the attention of the busied copy artists and painters, who push aside their easels vĩ đại take in the procession.

This reflector is vĩ đại be inclined at such an angle as will secure uniform lighting of the whole of the opening in the easel.

The object of the square mirror on the base-board is vĩ đại light the head of the insect which, as already emphasised, should always be arranged upon the easel head downwards.

If one is travelling with an artist's easel, that could be put in with the luggage, though strictly speaking it is not a case.

It really needs a blackboard and easel vĩ đại make it perfectly plain.

I am, however, arrang- ing for the use of the easels vĩ đại be discontinued.

It is said you are going vĩ đại enforce it in the easel of omnibuses and chars-a-bancs by a timetable.

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If one used a blackboard, one had vĩ đại prop it up, because using an easel would make it too formal.

The offender is strapped vĩ đại an apparatus, known as a triangle, which is lượt thích a great blackboard easel.

The comparison in painting is between the big public statement—the religious paintings in the churches or the statues in the square— and the easel painting for the trang chính.

I recollect that my wife taught at a progressive school in that period, and she was told that one could not possibly have a blackboard and easel.

Her works include easel paintings, drawings and theatre decoration, as well as fashion and interior design.


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