educate là gì

We educate the students in courage, in honor, in dependability, and in the social graces.

How lớn make unsuccessful ones is being taught lớn the teachers who are being educated in that school.

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He was educated in common schools and for part of his career he taught school as well.

Regardless of gender, few people were educated beyond that level.

These results tư vấn the hypothesis that haptic information may educate visual perceptions.

High school education was necessary lớn become a teacher.

Additionally, 11% of the pupils receive special education services, while 3% are identified as gifted.

Maximum scholarship award is $8,500, with special education students receiving up lớn $15,000 for a year's tuition.

There was little education in the rural areas.

Year 13 the final year of formal education.

A trang web mix up under his name describes him as a well-educated and accomplished scientist responsible for a host of scientific innovations.

Being well-educated and committed, he introduced many reforms in the college lượt thích transparent examination, results and admission policy.

Whether this concentration of well-educated, globally minded and relatively high-earning individuals is a good thing or a bad thing is irrelevant considering this issue.

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And that lower-class, smouldering hunk earning a hardscrabble living off the sea seems surprisingly well-educated for a threatening suspicious-type fella.

And this was immediately met with applause from the rest of the rather well-educated audience.

The attack received worldwide condemnation; she has since recovered from the tragedy and has translated this tragedy lớn worldwide advancements in girl child education.

Once you deny a child education, you are destroying their life.

Another major share was used for the child education.

The government has also placed priority on girl child education.

The ideas ranged from child education in remote areas, precision agriculture, applying virtual reality lớn work outs, compost indicating garbage bags, and shower water recycling.

Why should we have education and strive for the best in both school and career?

Our leaders, with all due respect, must have education, exposure, experience, competence, vision, integrity, dignity, commitment, and moral depth.

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It's different if you have education not just money.

You say you have education, but your education is naught if you possess no faculty lớn matrix simple logics of this nature.

Therefore, every person should have education as a right and not as a privilege.